Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Blog: on the act of Creation

This is my second unpublished blog. How do I have two unpublished blogs? The first one is That one has a specific purpose. And since it has a goal and a topic, it requires posts that are edited and thought out. Thus, it's more of a magazine than a personal blog. And I haven't even launched it yet.

So why this blog? I found that a lot of things that I wanted to write about didn't fit into that blog. And so I wouldn't write things since I SHOULD be writing other things. But that's just messed up. Why? I think it has to do with the dynamic between Creation and Consumption.

You see, consumption is this HOLE that pulls you in. Consumption is things like eating and watching tv, reading articles. It's not necessarily BAD, it's just consuming. Objects get consumed. TV shows, books, webpages, food. They are all objects. And when we see objects, our tendency is to consume them. When we create objects, we think about how they will get consumed.

We all want to be creative. But it is easy to get this confused. I want to write. So I focus on writing a book or a blog. Suddenly, I am thinking more about the object than the writing. I'm not writing because I care so much about the book, that I feel I am not ready yet. Now this creativity is object/goal focused. And why do I want this object? So that it can be consumed. I'm worrying so much about the consumption of the object that I stop the act of creating. And thus by focusing on the goal, you lose the act of creation.

So by creating this blog which has NO end goal, I am letting it be a place of creation, where I can engage in the act of writing and thinking and creating without letting the end goal and its consumption get in the way.