Monday, June 21, 2010

Better design can change the world

Does a family really NEED a 2500 sq ft. house? I've found that living in California where houses are expensive has resulted in a space thriftiness that has kept me from buying too many physical goods which will eventually end up in the landfill. In many ways, abundant space promotes a culture of cheap, disposable products rather than fine, durable, space-efficient goods. Here's an amazing video that demonstrates how wonderfully efficient and beautiful well-designed furniture can be:


  1. And here's another one sent by a friend. This apartment has "24 configurations" in under 400 sq ft.

  2. No, a family does not need a 2500 sq ft house! A very large percentage of the energy and electricity required to support a house goes into heating and air conditioning. In the past 3 decades, houses have gone from an average size of 1500 sq ft to 5000 sq ft behemoths in Texas suburbs. A lot of energy is wasted because of the desire for large homes.

  3. The answer is no. :) I hate cleaning and a 2500 square ft house is a lot of cleaning. BTW I love that video of the Hong Kong apartment.