Friday, February 12, 2010

Beauty can be easy

Try this visual tool for generating music. This is an amazing example of how a certain structure/tool can allow humans to make wonderful things. This music generator does not make music by itself. It requires someone to click on the dots to generate the content. However, unlike other tools, it seems basically impossible to make something that doesn't sound interesting and great. Try closing your eyes and clicking on things. Still great right?

In a similar way, I think this type of tool can be applied in so many other ways. Can you architect HOW you make your purchasing decisions to overall result in better choices? Maybe these are tools (web search, reviews, Or maybe it's structure (don't go shopping for food when you're hungry). Basically, I think tools don't have to be unbiased. They should be optimized for better results. There's a book I haven't read yet, but seems to have some similar notions about maintaining choice, but optimizing for better choices called "Nudge."

Anyways, enjoy playing with this webpage and imagine if all our tools worked so well.

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