Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open Source.... food?

I must admit... I love paradigm shifts, especially when they reach beyond just one industry. One of the most interesting is the open source movement. As most of you know, open source software implies that the code is distributed for free, and that expansions and derivations are openly encouraged. This concept has been applied to many other subjects. The open licensing of creative works (art, music, books) is often called Creative Commons.

I'm personally interested in an update to how democracies function. In my mind, we are in serious need for some innovations around the structure of government and how policies are made and enacted. I won't get into my thoughts on this in detail now, but one interesting tidbit that is somewhat related is that there is even an open source governance movement.

Today I stumbled upon an article that made me think that open source can change even our most mundane interactions. It seems that someone experimentally made an open source restaurant. The idea is that when you eat at this restaurant, you also get access to the "source code" and instructions on how to make the dishes, how to plate them, how to design the furniture, lighting... everything! Now this wasn't fully open source in that restaurant patrons aren't actually adding to the recipes, but hey, why not?

What do you think about a restaurant that was more of a learning experience. Maybe when you walk in, you can customize your space a little (I want red place mats, not green). Then you look at the menu on a touchscreen (red theme here too pleas) and put together some choices. The recipes have customer reviews (think Perhaps this links to sourcemap so you can see where all of your food came from. Then you watch it being made in the kitchen via camera feed. When the food comes, you can add some seasonings. Those additions are added to the original recipe as a branch along with your review. Finally when you leave, the recipe is emailed to you along with pictures of the food you just ate (come on, I know a lot of you take pictures at restaurants). For those of you who care, they can send you the calorie count to your fitness tracker, the carbon footprint, the sourcemap, and anything else you care about. I'm sure this isn't for everyone, but would anyone out there enjoy this experience?

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